Virtual Satellite Address

At FPB Business Center, we believe that one of your best resources is your Business is your Address. If you work from home you might find it difficult to explain to your client where your place of business is. Many times to incorporate a company you will need a physical address that is not your home. If you were able to incorporate using your home address you will find your home address on multiple sites and along with other personal information that you may not wish to have out to the online viewers. You can’t afford to lose your privacy and professional appearance due to an address. We have the simple affordable solution to all of these important concerns. When you receive mail, you can come and pick up or we will send you an email making you aware that there is something came for you today.

With our mail forwarding system you can make sure you don’t miss any bills or other important mail because we are able to get your mail to anywhere you are! We will hold your mail daily then package it up, and ship it to you each week to your location.

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