Film Location

Inspiring Offices, Rooftop, Hallways, Lobby, and more for your film/video project.

Easily to rent a film project’s location at Friar Professional Medical Building. Access a collection of unique, undiscovered offices that we reserved for filming location at the Friar Professional Medical Building and make your production a meaningful one HERE.


We’re currently offering 3 rate packages which all include a 8 hour day, building manager, security personnel, grid DMX lighting, HVAC, parking, changing room, landing room, lunch room, make up room, and full facilities.

Many offices add on extra fees for using the air conditioning, lighting, parking, or the building manager, security personnel, which can easily double the cost of stage fee. 

At FPMB, it’s a clear and simple flat rate, so you can focus on your project, not the fine print.

The undersigned submits this application under the provisions of FPMB guide line and policies, and such other rules and regulations, as applicable, and guarantees that, if this application is approved, the filming will be operated in conformity with all the building’s rules, regulations, and conditions. Furthermore, it is understood that all nuisances as well as non-compliance with applicable conditions that are brought to the attention of the operators of the filming activities when the activity is in progress must be corrected immediately. If corrections are not made, the appropriate action will be taken and may immediately cancel the contract and filming.


We require all film production to have and furnish us with their Insurance Certificate.


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