1370 Realty Corp™

The name Merabi and Sons™ was incepted when we arrived in New York City in 1979. It represents not only our lineage but, also the present and future. Well, nature has created a dilemma for the company. The throne is going to be passed onto my three daughters, or my niece and nephews whomever the corporation feels is fit to lead the name. Also, it seems that (and Sons) is not as fitting as before. So, the name of the company will be Merabi Organization Group™ Incorporated. This change will not take place immediately. It will be incorporated over the next ten years. This decision in part came from us realizing that the old ways of a male dominated corporate world have also changed. We do not and are not interested in not being an equal opportunity provider. We came to the United States for equal opportunity therefore; we must abide by those same principals even if it has to do with something as arbitrary as our company name which is known worldwide. Merabi Organization Group™ will the parent company to all our other entity associated.