About us

Key Elements

  • Through knowledge of the property and the current needs and trends of the area over het.
  • Offering solutions to problems and then backing it up with solid plans and statistics.
  • Creating a master plan of action and going the extra mile to achieve its goal for the investment and upgrading to community .
  • Giving back to community wherever we invest.

History of 1370 Realty

1370 Realty Corp, was formed when Mr. Kambiz Merabi purchased 1370 Lexington Avenue building in New York City  1995.

The building was sold in 1998 and purchased 303-305 east 53rd street buildings. 303-305 was sold in February 2007 and the purchase of the Friar Professional Medical Building below was made, D/B/A The Friar Professional Medical Building

The Friar Professional Medical Building views each tenant as a client and goes the extraordinary lengths to anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. With a reputation as a best in-class office building in Van Nuys, we realize that the creation of long-term relationships with our tenants ultimately leads to the creation of value in our building and for our tenants. All of which may explain why we have the A+ tenants tend to be our tenants in Van Nuys Area.