Tenants and landlords, check out TRData’s updated Deal Sheet

The Real Deal’s constantly evolving research database, TRData, has added over 250 completed transactions that occurred in New York City in July. This brings our Deal Sheet to 40,000 completed deals that encompass retail and office leasing, commercial building sales and financing transactions. These thousands of deals can be viewed and sorted on TRData to […]

WATCH: Real estate is having a Napster moment

On March 9, The Real Deal celebrated the official launch of our new real estate and research division, TRData, with a Big Data + Real Estate Forum, which featured two panels on the future of data and tech in the industry. The second panel, moderated by TRD’s Katherine Clarke, brought together Harley Courts, CEO of […]

How much data should real estate startups share?

Real estate is having a Napster moment as the industry wrestles with how to share Big Data — if at all. That was a key takeaway from a panel on Thursday at the launch of TRData, The Real Deal’s new real estate research platform. “We don’t want to give away our data set,” said Harley […]

As belts tighten, real estate tech startups talk about dealing with the squeeze

There may never be a truly easy easy time to launch a startup, but in the real estate tech business the past few years weren’t too bad. As the real estate industry’s profits surged amid a yearslong market boom, executives were more willing to spend on products like virtual space tours or property databases. But […]