How famous interior designers would renovate the Playboy Mansion

From Luxury Listings NYC: Earlier this week it was reported that Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion – which went on the market in January for a whopping $200 million – had been snapped up Daren Metropoulos, son of Twinkie billionaire Dean Metropoulos and Hefner’s next-door-neighbor. Now it’s makeover time. [more] … [more] Source: Real Estate

Summertime is renovation time, but not every upgrade adds to a home’s value

A renovation  Form Luxury Listings NYC: Summer is a very popular time for property owners to make upgrades. Many New York City buildings insist renovations take place only during warm weather months, because that’s when many residents are away. But while the timing may be right, not every improvement automatically increases a home’s value. [more]  Source: Real Estate