SoFla roundup: Luxury car condo project launches in Overtown … & more

From the October issue: Another group of Miami developers is looking to cash in on Miami’s luxury car collectors. Louis Birdman and Jay Massirman are leading the development of AutoHouse, a seven-story, 45-unit car storage facility with a “Collectors Club” in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood. Moishe Mana is still assembling his downtown Miami Monopoly board. The city of Miami […]

Moishe Mana says he’ll give $1M to charity if Trump reveals his tax returns

From the South Florida website: Moishe Mana has officially thrown his hat into the ring of high-profile business leaders touting #NeverTrump. The Miami mega-developer said he’d donate $1 million to a charity of Donald Trump’s choice if the Republican presidential nominee made the last five years of his tax returns public, according to a report in the […]