Could legalizing basement apartments be the answer to NYC’s housing crisis?

With New York City’s population on track to reach 9 million over the next two decades, housing experts are pushing the city to change housing laws to free up apartments. Despite the de Blasio administration’s efforts to address the city’s worsening housing crisis, experts told a panel Tuesday there are cheaper and more effective ways […]

NYC tax revenue falls for first time since 2012

New York City’s tax revenues declined about 1 percent in the past few months, reversing a trend of continuous growth since 2012. And a choppy real estate market is a major culprit. Between April and August, year-over-year collections from real estate transaction taxes fell 9.7 percent while business taxes decreased by 26.1 percent, according to […]

De Blasio turns down streetcar boosters’ offer to split costs

Some deep-pocketed early supporters of a streetcar along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfront offered to pay for part of the ticket. But City Hall declined the ride. Members of Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector – the nonprofit established in 2014 to gin up support for the streetcar – proposed the idea of contributing to […]

City Hall was “aware of” Rivington House deal before $116M sale: report

Despite feigning ignorance over a controversial deal to sell a Lower East Side nursing home to luxury condo developers, City Hall was both “aware of and involved” in the deliberations that paved the way for the lucrative transaction, according to a probe of the de Blasio administration’s role in the deal. The city’s Department of […]

Government brief: City Council passes new landmarks rules, de Blasio’s “megatower” plan stalls … & more

From the July issue: City Council votes to streamline landmarks process In response to mounting criticism of the city’s landmarks process, the City Council has passed a bill that imposes deadlines on the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s public review process. The new law, Intro 775-A, will force the commission to vote on landmarking a building or site […]