Upper Manhattan multifamily sales jump 42% in 2016

Multifamily property sales in Upper Manhattan climbed an impressive 42 percent year-over-year in 2016, even as the number of deals declined, according to a new year-end report from Ariel Property Advisors. Sales of multifamily properties totaled $2.8 billion for the year, up from $2 billion in 2015, the report shows. The 9 percent decrease in […]

NYC multifamily sales hit 8-month high in November

The New York City multifamily market reached an eight-month high in November, with six large transactions—priced at $100 million or above—accounting for 77 percent of the month’s activity. Overall, New York City saw 34 transactions totaling $1.68 billion in November, up from $760 million in October. That’s according to a new multifamily report from Ariel […]

Bronx i-sales grew in first half of 2016, multifamily market remained strong

Buyers aren’t shying away from the Bronx’s investment sales market, even as the rest of the city saw the number of deals shrink in the first six months of the year, according to the mid-year report from Ariel Property Advisors. Sales from 322 properties and 188 deals in the borough totaled $1.4 billion in the […]

Manhattan’s dev sites, rental buildings get a price boost in first half of 2016

Demand for Manhattan investment properties fell in the first half of 2016, although buyers were willing to pay a higher price per square foot for multifamily buildings and development sites, according to a mid-year report from Ariel Property Advisors. Buyers shelled out $19.3 billion for 361 investment properties in the borough, down 13 percent and […]

NYC multifamily sales make comeback in March

(credit: Ariel Property Advisors) The New York City multifamily market made a strong comeback in March after sluggish sales in February, according to the latest report from Ariel Property Advisors. Dollar volume pushed above $1 billion after falling below the threshold in the previous month. Gross sales reached nearly $1.6 billion in March, an 86 […]